Rubriik: Estonia

Interesting and Unique Facts about Estonia

Internet-focused country

Let start by saying that even though the internet was invented elsewhere, there’s no doubt that a small nation like Estonia has taken this and put it into a more valuable use than other countries. This Baltic country has become very Internet-oriented. Access to wifi is considered a human right and almost 100% of the land has coverage. You can access your social media accounts while sitting by the riverside on a hot summer day or while spending a marvelous morning at the ski resort at Otepää in December because you are never too far away from free Wifi spots. Estonia has also one of the world’s fastest internet speeds. Governmental and public services are set up for convenient use and are widely used for different activities every single day. Estonia is also the first country in the world that made it available to vote for political selections online in 2005. Since then the percentage of eligible voters has grown and the action doing it from home, barely giving any reason not to vote, is more acceptable to people.

We created Skype

What most people don’t know is that Skype was invented in Estonia. Taxify (Bolt now), Transferwise (Wise now) and Nortal as well. If you ever meet an Estonian anywhere in the world and get to talking, it’s almost always certain that they will slip that fact into the conversation. The team who created Skype included a couple of Estonians who did the main work and published the software worldwide. It became the number one communication software in the world and has over 300 million users. Now, Microsoft owns the company but they still have offices in Tallinn, hiring the brightest minds from the country who invented that famous program.

Beautiful people

It’s true. The statistic has proven it. Estonia has the highest number of supermodels per capita. Just google the name Carmen Kass and you won’t be disappointed.

Green world

Half of the country’s land is covered by forest and 22% of the land is under agriculture. Estonians love their pure nature and intend to keep it that way. Forestry is strickly monitored and even almost every single tree is counted for. An old oak tree in Orissaare, Saaremaa is growing in the middle of a football field and kids don’t mind playing around it. The wild nature hides a huge variety of wild animals and bears, wolves, deer can be spotted regularly. Estonia has also one of the cleanest air in the world.

Singing us free

Estonians love to sing and an Estonian Song and Dance Celebration is the local signature event and a reason why Estonians are often referred to as the “singing nation”.  The uniqueness of this mesmerizing event has even earned the song and dance celebration a place at UNESCO’s prestigious list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. People gather every 5 years and head to the Song Festival Ground. First held in 1869 in Tartu, it has become one of the longest and incredible Estonian traditions. In 2019, over 32 thousand singers and hundreds of thousands of participants took part in the three-day celebration. People who don’t have the opportunity to travel to Tallinn can view the broadcast live on TV. Everybody sings along, even the audience.

Travel free

Public transport is entirely free for residents of the Estonian capital, Tallinn. But it’s not very expensive outside the capital. Free or cheap transportation options lowered the rate of cars on the road, avoiding traffic jams and pollution.